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practice or policy that you see in your workplace that makes you question the rationale.

practice or policy that you see in your workplace that makes you question the rationale.

practice or policy that you see in your workplace that makes you question the rationale.

 TIPÑ For your assignment topic, try to consider a practice or policy that you see in your workplace that makes you question the rationale. Is there research-based evidence that supports an intervention for it, or is a practice just tradition or popularity? What you select to study for this paper will be the topic that you will adopt for investigation for the entire course beginning this week. 

 For the Week 3 assignment you will be asked to complete a matrix to evaluate the strength of 4 research studies.  Consider a topic that interests you that relates to evidence-based research. Some of you have already mentioned topics such as urinary tract infection and hospital acquired infections. For problems such as these researchers have conducted research to apply approaches in the clinical setting to solve or decrease the problem. For this assignment you will be searching the Walden databases to find those types of peer-reviewed research studies. The topic you select will be the same one you will use all of this term in this class for other assignments.

When you compose your assignment you will use a tool that is posted in resources called the Matrix Worksheet Template. In the template you will follow the prompts to analyze your 4 articles (why each was chosen, how it relates to your topic, ethics, the aims of the research, and methodology with strengths either in matrix form or in text.) You will need APA citation and a reference page that gives the address for each article.

Please note that in addition to the 4 research articles (which will be your outside sources) you will also need to cite 2-3 course resources in your paper.

This is just a suggestion, but the course resources make sense for your rationale for selection of the articles. You could add an introduction to precede the matrix as a good spot for citation of the course references. Otherwise, they will need to be cited somewhere in the matrix itself.


COURSE RESOURCES Listed below, use 2 to 3 from list. Additional 4 resources from elswehere no older than 5 years. 


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