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choose to research the difference from males to females in the skeletal and muscular systems.

choose to research the difference from males to females in the skeletal and muscular systems.

choose to research the difference from males to females in the skeletal and muscular systems.

choose to research the difference from males to females in the skeletal and muscular systems. In the skeletal system there are many differences between males and females. Female are on average nine percent shorter than males.  “The research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, identifies one gene on chromosome 15 and one on the Y chromosome as contributors to height in men. If you have the tall version of both of these genes you will be taller than a person who only has the tall version of one of them. The Y chromosome is the male sex chromosome, absent in women,” (Australian Broadcasting Company, 2001). When compared to a male’s, a female’s skeleton is often considerably smoother and less knobby. The skeleton of a man is often heavier, more rugged, and seems bumpier. Men’s skeletons need stronger attachment sites since they have greater muscles than female’s have. The pelvis is where the primary skeletal variations are located. The sacrum is larger in size, width, contour, and angle in females. Males have thicker femurs (thigh bones) than females have. The posture of the femurs, which are frequently more inclined than in men and have a little X shape, is influenced by the wider hips in women (Barhum, 2022).

In the muscular system males have primarily more muscle mass than women. Muscle makes up about 43% of the average adult male’s body, whereas fat makes up 15%. The typical adult female, in contrast, has 26% fat and 36% muscle. Despite having a larger overall body fat percentage than males, women have 15% of their body fat that is considered vital, meaning it is required for the body to function healthily. The differences in body composition are mostly caused by increases in the hormones estrogen in women and testosterone in men. The amount of lean muscle mass in male bodies increases significantly during puberty as a result of a sharp rise in testosterone. Males have twice as many muscle cells and 150 percent more lean body mass than the average female at the end of adolescence. The rise in essential body fat in women is brought on by an increase in female estrogen. Due to the higher caloric requirements associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to maintain the health of both mother and child, essential body fat is thought to be essential for female fertility (Wahlig, 2021).

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