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Unit Discussion

Unit Discussion

  *Unit 3 DB: Serving Whose Interests? (FIN401 Insurance & Risk Management)

Jim and James have been best friends since elementary school. In fact, they have been inseparable since they were young. They grew up a few houses apart from each other, went to the same private school, college, and both ended up getting their MBA from the same University. After the financial crisis of 2008, they decided that it would be in their best interest to start a business together as co-equal partners. They formed J&J Partners Unlimited. At J&J Partners, Jim managed the day-to-day operations and James was the “rain-maker” (James was responsible for getting all the new clients and advertising). The business did well overall. In 2012, to expand the business, Jim and James decided to take out a personal loan that was meant to help with the expenses associated with the expansion. Because of the nature and purpose of the loan, Jim and James were co-signers for the personal loan. Unfortunately, in 2018, while going for a jog one Saturday evening, James was struck and killed by a driver who claimed not to have seen him running. After settling James’s estate, Jim notified AIG, a life insurance company, of James’s death and requested payout on a life insurance policy that he had taken out on James. Unbeknown to anyone, and 4 years before James’s death, Jim had taken a life insurance policy out on James and made all the premium payments to keep the policy active. After investigating the matter, AIG denied Jim’s claim request on the ground that there is no insurable interest between the insured and the sole beneficiary, Jim. 

Think about the facts and discuss the following:

  1. Describe the nature and purposes of the principle of insurable interest. 
  2. Do you agree or disagree with AIG’s denial of the claim? Why or why not? 

*Unit 3 DB: Elasticity of Demand (ECO201 Macroeconomics)

Imagine that you own one of several popular restaurants in your area. Due to the Covid Pandemic of 2020, all restaurants were forced to close down for two months. You are now allowed to reopen your restaurant to the public. During this time, labor costs were reduced however, overhead such as rent, electricity, etc. was still a large percentage of your total costs. You are facing a dilemma; you are short on funds.

What options should you consider? For example, should you raise menu prices to make up for the lost revenue? Should you lower menu prices to attract more customers? Is your customer volume elastic? If you raise prices and the customer volume falls will the increase in prices compensate for the loss of volume? If it does not, is there some way you can make up the revenue shortfall? If you lower menu prices and revenue falls is there some way you can increase your business revenue? 

Explain your reasoning in terms of demand and elasticity.

*DB3.1: Legal Differences (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

What are the major legal differences between public police and private security officers?

*DB3.2: APA and this week’s paper (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

In good academic writing, one important aspect of any paper is to ensure that when we use any references, that the proper acknowledgement for that reference is given both within the text of the paper as well as at the end on the reference page. Failure to acknowledge any quote or paraphrase from a reference can constitute plagiarism.

As we look at the paper due this week, it is important to remember some of the basics of APA formatting. Here are a couple of questions:

NOTE: APA has very specific guidelines regarding references and citations. Check or resources in the Post University Center for Academic Success page link to ‘Academic Writer” to be certain that the information you post regarding this question is technically correct.

1 – What is an “in-text citation” and how does it protect the writer from potential plagiarism?

2 – Is a web address (URL) alone a proper format on a reference page? Why or why not?

*Unit 3 DB: Quality leadership in Your Work, School, or Organizational Affiliate (BUS211 Baldrige Principles & Introduction to Quality Standards)

First, describe an instance at your work, school, or organizational affiliate where you have seen quality leadership have a positive impact. Then, describe an instance at your work, school, or organizational affiliate where the lack of quality leadership led to a negative impact.


* Chapter 12 Discussion (BUS2113 Principles of Accounting)

1.) Partnerships are voluntary associations are not subject to income tax, mutual agency, and have unlimited liability. 

A1.) Partner return on equity is dividing a partner’s income from the partnership by the average partner equity. Add the beginning and ending equity accounts together and divide the two.

1.) Requires a voluntary association of persons who co-own the business and intend to conduct the business for profit. Partnership written or oral agreement. 

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